2006 Adventure Home

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The Adventure Begins

In April 2006 we set out on what we presumed would be the first of many extended trips in our new-to-us motorhome. We called it our "Epic Adventure", no imagining where it would evenually lead.

This is the email we sent out to friends and family just before we left.

And we're off . . . .

. . . but you probably suspected that already.

We'll drive away in WHR NXT (our RV) around breakfast time Tuesday 4/4 and head south along the Oregon Coast. We'll be home again sometime in August, maybe sooner, maybe later, after visiting as many places and as many folks as we can. We know we have a wedding in Rochester, MN the first weekend in July, and we know we have a harp conference in San Jose, CA the first weekend in August. Other than that, our schedule is completely open and as spontaneous as we can make it. We expect to find lots of roller coasters, waterfalls, caverns, air museums and whatever else strikes our collective fancies. We expect to just laze around a lot.

If you're anywhere in the middle of the country, we'll try to sneak in between the storms in about 6-8 weeks or so.

We intend to try to keep a kind of a trip photo diary going on our website at http://www.aslakson.net. Check in from time to time if you like. There's nothing there yet, but we've also only gotten as far as the end of the driveway so far, and frankly, the view ainít all that great.

We'll be checking our Reedsport phone at least once a day, so if you leave a message, we'll get it sooner or later.

We expect to have email access wherever we go, so that's also a good way to connect.

And for instant gratification (or frustration, depending), our RV cell phone is 541-335-9106. If you're in Eugene, that's a local call, so don't dial the area code. Everybody else use the area code.

We'll be sending out messages like this from time to time as well - so if you'd rather not be annoyed, please let us know and we'll take you off our mailing list.

If you're one of the few folks who have keys to our house, be aware that the police are checking it a couple of times a week. If you intend to be in the house while we're gone, you'd best let the Reedsport Police know about it, or carry plenty of bail money. Dennis Toney will be carrying on with our lawn eradication program while we're gone, and we hope he has as much fun neglecting our lawn as we have. Thanks, Dennis . . .

Stay tuned . . . .


2006 Adventure Home

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